Who am I?

Good question! Who do you want me to be? Cause you’ve got options.

This travelling circus has many acts. Including the creative development of my own strange entertainment concepts, freelance copywriting and various other productions services I can offer on film, TV or advertising projects.

1. Flat Spider Creative Development

Flat Spider Media is my traveling circus of indie digital media entertainment development, production and distribution with a blog.

Specializing in films, television, web series and focusing on niche market content like dark comedy, online culture and genre fiction (fantasy / sci-if / thriller / horror / cult) for a young-ish audience of 13 – 45 year olds.

Flat Spider Media will tell stories that reflect the current issues in culture, technology and society that affect people today.

The blog is about my adventures in trying to make stuff that matters, entertains and doesn’t suck, with as much money as I can find.

2. Flat Spider Copywriting & Branded Content

So we agree, we all hate advertising, that’s pretty clear.

But, we all acknowledge how inevitable and important it is to making a living in the modern business world. And, we also know that selling to people has changed over the years.

The old techniques are not effective, people are more media savvy, saturated and keenly aware when they are being sold to. And quite frankly, turned off by it, most of the time.

Pre-roll ads on YouTube can be skipped after the first few seconds and people are watching their movies and tv shows on Netflix (and the like) where they can avoid commercials altogether.

So how do you reach your audience?

How do you engage them, keep them watching to the end of your ad and have that translate into a click on BUY NOW or a conscious choice in the market towards YOUR BRAND over THE COMPETITION?

The answer is humor, entertainment and genuinely engaging, value-added, knock-your-socks-off STORYTELLING.

That’s what I do. What I have been doing, naturally, like a boss, since I was about 6 months old (when I said my very first word). As my mom would say, I have a PHD in bull-shit.

I utilize my genuine, natural, magical, genetically inherited creative powers (I mean it, my grandfather didn’t finish high school and died a millionaire as a used car salesman with 14 children to support).

I tell stories that engage, entertain and hold people’s attention. I have a lifetime of experience as a storyteller, character creator, actor, world builder, laughter maker and vampire-lemon squasher.

Working with me means transparency, authenticity and fun, which translates into positive exposure for your brand in the world.

3. Flat Spider Production Services

When it comes to production crew and key creative, you know what you want.

You want someone with 5 to 10+ years of experience in one very specific area of production, who’s willing to work for a reasonable rate your production can afford, be on time and have a decent attitude on set, while doing a bang-up job.

The problem is, a lot of the people with 10+ years of experience in one particular crew roll are dealing with: fatigue, burn-out, and dreaming of another life and/or are out of your price range.

They also don’t necessarily have the variety of experience I have. That’s where my Media Swiss Army Knife really comes in handy.

I have 13 years of professional experience in production and post, but not all in one area. I’ve got a wide variety of experience in many different crew roles from creative development producing, to research, casting, coordinating, production designing and post production management.

I’ve worked from start to finish on short form advertisements to long form feature films at many levels of the food chain. And I’ve also worked as a gun-for-hire, production coordinator or casting director on one aspect of a production.

I have an understanding of the nature of the beast from all sides.

My rates are still reasonable. For the moment I’m still non-union, but not for long, I’ve just applied to IATSE 411 for Production Coordinating. Get me while I’m still a bargain.

I have a can-do attitude, I haven’t been jaded by too many years doing the same old thing. I treat everything like a puzzle to be solved. I won’t rest until your production puzzler is mastered.